Lightbox: what is it like to take part?

Photo Credit: Installation documentation of FORM Collective exhibition in Brighton 2018. Featuring work by June Cadogan, Joanne Coates, Rachael Burns, Kevin Casey, Becky Warnock, Cath Stanley and Liz Tobin. 

Applications for Lightbox 2023: a creative collaborative course have just opened. If you're considering applying for the professional development course and want to know what it's like to take part and what impact it can have on your career. Why not read some of the testimonials from past participants here.

Photograph documenting an exhibition in Brighton by a collective of Photographers called FORM. Photograph includes various printed pictures hanging from the ceiling, pinned on the wall and attached to the floor.

Photographers share their funding advice: Interview with Nicola Shipley

In this blog series, we explore the various ways in which collectives and individuals have financed their projects.  

Man installing exhibtion
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