1 October 2016 to 29 October 2016

Seven Day Suit is a new collective exhibition, bringing together seven emerging photographers for the first time at Brighton Photo Biennial 2016. Responding to the festival's theme Beyond The Bias, the group will deliver an innovative exhibition of photographs and moving image, exploring the cultural phenomenon of the tracksuit.

Using the tracksuit as a central motif for the show, the group will explore identity, subcultures, politics and social and economic impact through the fashion of one garment. Existing in both low and high fashion, the tracksuit has become a cultural symbol - an example of fashion that transcends class and cultures - historically significant, yet relevant to this day.

With work ranging from documentary, archival to the constructed; photography, film and mixed media; this unique show will unpick the tracksuit, exploring its rich history, its current trajectory and imagined future.

Image: Jo Booth: ‘Untitled' Photomontage from Appropriated Archival Images, 2016




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