Remote Work

David Penny
27 March 2021 to 19 June 2021

David Penny's exhibition Whetstone is showing at the Grundy Gallery in Blackpool as part of the group show Remote Work until 19th June. The work consists of an installation of digital and photographic works located around a collection of photographs made by the industrial photographer Walter Nurnberg (1907 – 1991).


Whetstone (2021) is a series of three works placed within the gallery space; a cluster of 10 cropped archival images; a series of digitally rendered sculptural objects and a high definition digital animation.




Penny's work exists at the meeting point between the physical and digital realms and is developed through his interest in an expanded approach to photography.  


The way we have had to reconsider how we touch objects and surfaces during the pandemic has led to an increased engagement with digital practices, has seen the artist bringing into real life, objects and images of significance, which had previously only existed virtually.


Through the digital rendering of static objects held within the frame of the archival photographs, Penny is able to conjure them into being, animate them and give them life.


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