A Calder River Journey, is a personal reflection of the river, past and present, the route starting in Calderdale, via Wakefield, ending as it flows into the river Aire.



Russell's approach was influenced by the Canticle of brother Sun prayer, where St Francis seems to bring nature to a higher light: "Praised be to you my Lord, with all your creators, especially brother Sun." "Praised be to you sister water, which is very useful and humble and precious and chaste."

At each location Russell chose to focus on photographing what was presented, in its different forms:

Firstly the currents, whirlpools and water ripples, as the river separates into two main channels.

Secondly the geese washing on the river bank.

Thirdly the small tree without its leaves, though the empty nests were remaining.

Fourthly, an oak tree that seemed to have grown over towards the opposite riverside.

Fifthly the mill reflection that reminded me of traveling to college in Dewsbury on the train.

Sixthly, the weir outside Wakefield as part of the Calder and Hebble navigation canal route.

Seventhly the river broadens out and meets with another river, its ending marked by the life and darker lighting tones.

Each location invites the viewer to have a moment of reflection themselves.


Mark Russell is a West Yorkshire based photographer. His journey began after completing a Photography HND from Berkshire College of Art and Design in 1996. This led to working on the Cruise ships, then freelance from 2001. More recently in 2019 he completed a top-up degree in Photography at Leeds City College.



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