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Ethnography assumes we can cross cultural boundaries, explaining one reality in the words of another. When we look closely at ethnography, however, we find that assumption easy to question. Word-based ethnography has, however, found an ally in visual ways of knowing. It is not that the visual dimension solves the challenge of knowing across cultural boundaries, but it establishes new possibilities, while adding new problems.

In this lecture Douglas Harper will explore these questions by looking at visual ethnographies that study "up," "down," and "inward," pointing out how the visual dimension, in enlarging ethnography, adds to the question of what it is and how it works. 

The lecture is free to attend but is ticketed book either on this website at this number 0151 702 5324 or this email address.

Photo: Reproduced from Changing Works, 2001, by Douglas Harper. Photo by Sol Libsolm 

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