An event that might be of interest to members, organised by former Redeye volunteer Shirazee Ahmed.

Whilst Azee was living and working on a development project for the duration of 3 months in Nepal, looking into water safety and hygiene, the series People of Kapseri was created. Living in the district of Makwunpur in a village called Kapseri situated slightly on the outskirts of Hetauda, Kapseri is populated with the cast of Tamang, each portrait which was taken of each individual shows the essence of life in Nepal, showing the agriculture of the villagers.

Come join us for our bake sale and private viewing, All proceeds will go directly to Help Refugee’s & Collective aid as to aid in the current crisis within Calais, France.

As well as an evening enjoying the historical architecture of Moseley Road Baths, which opened in 1907. The baths was set for closure but thanks to public donations and participation, the baths has stayed open. Come join us to carry on supporting the baths. A special thank you, to Moseley Road Baths for the constant support over the past few years with supporting mine and many artists work.


For more about the development project please visit:
To carry on supporting the baths please visit here:


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