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Photographer Simon Bray and painter Tom Musgrove discuss their new collaborative project, The Edges of These Isles. What did a photographer and a painter learn from each other by exploring the British Isles together? The discussion will be hosted by our Curator, Thomas Dukes.

The project was spread over 2 years, starting at Buttermere in the Lake District then travelling to Lindisfarne, The Brecon Beacons, The Gower Peninsula, Glen Coe, The Causeway Coast and The Peak District.

The duo spent a day or so in each location, with Simon documenting as a photographer, and Tom gathering sketches and building a sense of a place to translate into a final piece in his studio back in Manchester.

Both artists were representing the same place, at the same time, having been on the same journey, but the works are vastly different, each piece a unique perspective of their personal experience of that place at that time. This is when the artists began to question each other’s practice and process.

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