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The film Somewhere to Disappear stars Alec Soth, whose exhibition of photographs Gathered Leaves is showing at the National Media Museum until 26 June.

This screening is chaired by Redeye's Paul Herrmann and includes a Q&A with special guests including the associate curator of Gathered Leaves, Tim Clark, and photographer and writer Aaron Schuman.

For tickets to the screening please follow the link to the National Media Museum website.

The Film

Somewhere to Disappear (15)
2010, 57m 21s

Starring Alec Soth
Directed by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove
Edited by Benjamin Favreul
Original score by L'Aiglon & Rob
Produced by Sophie Mas
Mas Films, in co-production with Epidemic

Alec Soth travels across America for his project Broken Manual, looking for people who have retreated from society. Some live in mountain cabins, some in caves, others in the desert. As we look through Alec's eyes and try to understand why these modern hermits want to escape, the photographer shows us a new fantasy: the dream of disappearing.

Tim Clark

Tim is the Associate Curator of Gathered Leaves: Photographs by Alec Soth, and Editor-in-Chief of 1000 Words, a quarterly online magazine he founded in 2008 dedicated to contemporary photography in the UK and beyond.

1000 Words commissions and publishes in-depth exhibition and photobook reviews, essays, interviews and multimedia in response to carefully collated imagery, often  on a particular theme. Its editorial commitment has always been to explore the limits and possibilities of photography and stimulate debate around the medium's current practices and discourses.

Aaron Schuman

Aaron Schuman is a photographer, curator and critic. He has exhibited his work internationally, and has contributed essays and criticism to publications including ArtReview, The British Journal of Photography and The Guardian. He lectures in photography at the University of Brighton and Arts University Bournemouth. He is also founder and editor of the online photography journal SeeSaw Magazine.


Access to the Cubby Broccoli cinema entrance is by stairs or either public lift, although the front lift is closer to the cinema. Please note that if you are visiting the cinema after the Museum has closed, the lifts will be temporarily off and you must inform a member of staff if you require lift access. Cubby Broccoli Cinema has a Williams hearing system and booster seats are available – please ask a member of staff if you need to use these facilities. For further information about National Media Museum Access & Facilities please visit their website.

Image by Alec Soth

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