Redeye's top 10 marketing tips for photographers and artists in 2015

Redeye's Marketing Coordinator, Jo Slack, shares her marketing tips for photographers and artists in 2015.

Ten New Year's resolutions for photographers

By all means go on a diet and learn to meditate, but why not choose something that will really help your work? Here are ten smart and straightforward New Year's resolutions that will benefit your photographic career, suggested by Redeye's director Paul Herrmann. Most of them will take a day or two, or less, to achieve.

Winning new clients in 2012

Guest opinion:
Len Grant considers the most effective way to develop your photographic business

New year. New start. It's the time when we all lift our heads up from our day-to-day responsibilities and try and see into the future. Where do we want to be and how are we going to get there?

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