The Photo Parlour

The Photo Parlour provides photographers with film processing, hand printing, darkroom hire, studio hire and gallery space as well as an exciting variety of workshops.

Launched in April 2013 in Derby we began by providing black and white film photographers with the space and the necessary facilities to develop film and make black and white prints, as well as take part in a variety of workshops and exhibitions.

We have recently moved our darkroom to our Nottingham branch which provides professional film processing and hand printing services for both colour and black and white film photographers as well as studio hire, gallery space and workshops.

As well as a professionally equipped darkroom and film developing facilities, the Photo Parlour offers a friendly and welcoming space for photographers to meet and share work and ideas. We host regular social events and exciting workshops for all photographers whether they shoot film or use digital.

The Photo Parlour's aim is to keep traditional photography and its processes alive by offering equipment and facilities which are increasingly becoming rare, expensive and sought after, to all types of photographers. With a fixed monthly membership, members can make use of all of our facilities and resources available at our Nottingham branch as well as benefit from being part of a thriving local community. 

We also offer competitive prices on film developing for all types and formats of film as well as bespoke colour and black and white printing services for truly unique hand made prints.

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