In collaboration with LOOK13, Liverpool International Photography Festival, Open Eye Gallery presents the work of Charles Fréger and Eva Stenram. The exhibitions are institutional premieres in the UK.

Both shows respond to this year’s festival title (WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?), approaching the notion of subjectivity and selfhood from different perspectives.

Through their work, Fréger and Stenram reflect on how identity is constructed, embraced and performed for the benefit of the viewer in front of a camera. Looking at the way we define ourselves in relation to the other, the artists highlight the friction or tension that exist between the self and its representation.

In galleries 1 and 2, we feature the work of French photographer Charles Fréger (b.1975). The artist presents here, for the first time in a British institution, a selection of individual and collective portraits. Drawing from some of his most celebrated projects (including The Wilder Mann and the Légionnaires: portraits photographiques et uniformes series), Fréger interrogates the authenticity of the photographic image, especially when it is framed within cultural categories such as history and folklore.

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