W:E Samin Ahmadzadeh

Samin Ahmadzadeh
20 July 2017 to 26 August 2017
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Argentea Gallery presents an exhibition of Iran born artist Samin Ahmadzadeh. Using family archival imagery, Ahmadzadeh assimilates her photographs into evocative interwoven images that offer a new perspective on memory and identity across time and culture. In re-purposing these photographs, we are asked to consider identity through experience rather than status or background.

In this exhibition, Ahmadzadeh has re-worked personal archives and family photos alongside those from photographer Tim Andrews and his Brighton-based archive which date from the same period, between the 1930s to the 1980s.

The works have been created using a unique process of cutting, shredding and intricately hand weaving photographs together, integrated into interlocking patterns. A figure faces the British coast; an Iranian family behold ships on the Persian Gulf. Unifying themes occur across archives, creating a cross-cultural dialogue, West meeting East. 

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Photo: Samin Ahmadzadeh  © 2017 Argentea Gallery.

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