Transformative Moments

Stephanie Wynne
15 June 2019 to 26 July 2019

Photographer Stephanie Wynne and a women's group from Wirral Change (a BME outreach centre) have collaborated to create ‘Transformative Moments’. The women came together to mark and celebrate the critical point in history when some British women achieved the vote.

From a year of research and discussion Stephanie has interpreted through photographs the critical personal moments of change in each of the women’s lives; to mirror that pivotal national moment on 21st November 1918. The women have collaborated photographically along with concepts and ideas to illustrate life altering events or decisions for change.

Here is more information about two of the women in the groups specific moment of change:

Having been made redundant from a career with a high-street fashion company, Jenny was left with a very different life. She took this enforced change to create a new dynamic life involving herself in the local community. Her interest in creating outfits for her roles in amateur pantomime have been her ’saving grace’ and illustrate her verve and sense of fun.

Heather changed her life direction through education. Having struggled with mental health problems she gained confidence after achieving a university degree; that has helped her through a long recovery. The pictures reflect the dark nature of illness through recovery to the sunlit calm, over-laid with images of objects that hold for her deep personal significance


The exhibition will be shown at the Williamson Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead from the 15th June to 26th July 2019.
Williamson Gallery and Museum, Slatey Rd, Birkenhead, Prenton, CH43 4UE

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Wynne and Heather Jiagge)




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