This exhibition presents the artist’s first major solo show in London, and consists of entirely new and previously unseen works. 

It continues Noémie Goudal’s interest in manmade interventions into the natural world, through photographs which portray complex and ambiguous constructions created by the artist within the landscape. 

Reflecting a fascination with our relationship to the sky, the exhibition draws upon a rich history of myths, legends, religious symbolism and early scientific theories. Through photographs, stereoscopes and architectural installations, the exhibition aims to explore the intangible nature of celestial space - long considered a mirror of terrestrial turmoil as well as an expression of the sacred.

Image at the top: Station II, 2015 © Noémie Goudal Courtesy of the artist and Edel Assanti 

Redeye, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU, UK
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