11 January 2017 to 25 February 2017
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Silent Voices is a photo exhibition of daily life in the occupied Palestinian village of Bil’in, taken by children.

Bil’in is twinned with Liverpool through the Liverpool Friends of Bil’in. The organisation have a strong bond with the village and have commissioned a Liverpool community photographer, Elaine Stapleton, to work with the village's school children to produce this striking body of work which has been touring the UK for the last 4 years. 

In addition to the 25 children’s large-scale photos are 11 photos taken by Elaine herself of the weekly demonstration that the villagers organise in protest against the taking of their land for illegal Israeli settlements. The residents are routinely met with an arsenal of crowd control weapons from the Israeli army which have lead to thousands of injuries and 2 deaths over the last 12 years. They form the back cloth to the daily lives of the children. The images in the exhibition have been taken by the children who live there.

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