Now showing in Soho Photography Quarter: "Everyone has a place in our garden" – Siân Davey


Discover works from Siân Davey’s The Garden in a free outdoor exhibition in the Soho Photography Quarter just outside the Gallery.

Starting in 2020, British photographer Siân Davey transformed her abandoned garden over three summers into a vibrant space, filled with wildflowers, birdsong and people.

Together with her son, Luke, Davey cultivated a space rooted in love. They researched native flowers and encouraged biodiversity, sourcing seeds and plants locally.

When the flowers bloomed, they called in the community. Everyone had a place in The Garden; the mothers and daughters, the lonely, the marginalised, lovers, the traumatised and heartbroken and those that had concealed a lifetime of shame. The space became an expression of yearning, defiance, joy and interconnectedness.


Further Information

Date: 29 Nov 2023 - 29 Nov 2024

Price: Free

Location: Soho Photography Quarter

Type: Soho Photography Quarter


For more information on this exhibition, visit The Photographers' Gallery website here. 



Photo credit: Siân Davey



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