Performing Histories / Histories Re-Imagined offers an insight into photographic approaches that critically engage with ‘the archive’ to re-address the past and bring to the fore histories that have been overlooked.

It presents the work of Alba Zari, Amin Yousefi, Eleonora Agostini, Emi O’Connell, Jermaine Francis, Laura Chen, Odette England, and Tarrah Krajnak.  

Three ways of working with archives are presented in the exhibition. In some works, photographers place themselves at the centre of the archive and re-enact histories that have been forgotten. Others imagine histories that allow them to make sense of the world or to discuss fiction and truth in photography. Lastly, some give new meanings to archival materials by interrogating the gaze within the history of photography.

Together the work of these eight photographers explores the relationships between the archive and time and memory, the public and the private, fact and fiction, and trauma.  

Two bodies of work in this exhibition contain references to abuse and another references slavery, which some individuals may find troubling. 

The work launched at Peckham 24 in London, during the largest annual weekend of photography in the UK, the exhibition will tour to Impressions Gallery this summer.

This exhibition is co-curated by Peckham 24 and Impressions Gallery.

You can find out more about the exhibition and the exhibiting artists on Impressions Gallery's website here.


Photo credit: Untitled, from the series Eyes Dazzle as they Search for The Truth, 2022 © Amin Yousefi

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