If Truth Be Told...

Fabricate Collective
17 May 2013 to 16 June 2013
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FABRICATE is a collective of photographers and photographic artists.

It originated from Redeye's Lightbox project in 2012, when the group came together with a common interest in exploring the boundaries of fact and fiction in photography.

FABRICATE's first group show titled 'If Truth Be Told…', will be exhibited at Fallout Factory gallery in Liverpool from 17th May until the 16th June.

This diverse show is a product of six months of close co-operative work by 9 photographers from across the UK and abroad. It explores the boundaries between fact and fiction: what is real and what is not real? Memory and identity, history and experience are just some of the themes developed through a range of visual media - photographs, maps, books, found drawings and text.

The group has worked closely with internationally-recognised photography publisher, Dewi Lewis.

Exhibiting artists: Chris Bethell, Jennifer Brookes, Elina Chauveaux, Sabrina Fuller, Annie Grove-White, Ruth Hanson, Damian Hughes, Francesco Loporchio, Tina Remiz

The opening night will take place on the 17th May to coincide with Liverpool’s Light Night – a one-night arts and culture festival spanning across the city.

There will be a programme of talks, the first with Dewi Lewis on Saturday 18th May ay 13:30 at Fallout Factory. Free, all welcome.

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