2 November 2016 to 10 November 2016

“Everywhere one looks today in the world of contemporary art, the photographic object seems to be an object in crisis, or at least in severe transformation.” - George Baker, Photography’s Expanded Field, October 114, p121, 2005

HARD FOCUS is a group exhibition bringing together 11 artists who each examine the role of contemporary photography in the ‘expanded field’. A programme of events will accompany the exhibition, including HARD FOCUS: The Physicality of Photography, a half-day symposium on Saturday 5th November bringing together artists and curators including Peter Kennard, Anna Douglas, Karen Harvey and Moira Lovell. The exhibition has been curated by artist Helen McGhie and is organised to celebrate the opening of Nightlight Darkroom, a new community darkroom space for artists and photographers.

Artists: Hannah Farrell, Alexandra Hughes, Stephen Iles, Leanne Bell Gonczarow, Sandra Bouguerch, Thom Bridge, Julie Cassels, Sarah Tulloch, Helen McGhie, David Partington & Mel Cole 

More information about this exhibition can be found here.

Image: Hannah Farrell

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