Photographer, David Gleave, is exhibiting and celebrating ten years of image making at the Manchester Central Library, 12 January - 31 March 2024.

Below is Gleave's artist statement about the exhibition 'Rescued Time':

I saw an exhibition by Manchester Photographer Samuel Coulthurst. His images were all made candidly at the street markets of Ancoats and Salford in the last 20 years of the 19th Century. I gazed transfixed at these people, all long since passed but somehow still alive here 100 years later.

So ten years ago I felt it necessary to start making my own images after having been interested in looking at other people’s photography and finding my own people to keep “alive”.

And I still find it remarkable that there is this little machine that can freeze time and preserve people in time forever long after they’re gone.

I see myself not as a photographer but as a historian with a camera. I am making photographs for tomorrow imagining the present as the past.

I refer to my photographs as rescued time or rescued moments. Fractions of seconds of history that, were it not for the camera would have been lost forever and long forgotten.

Rescued time is a collection of single, stand alone images that get their cohesion from the fact that all these events happened in front of my eyes and I captured them as I saw them.

These are some of those images.

To find out more about the exhibition, follow Gleave on his social media accounts below and find out more information about the artist on his website:
Instagram @davidgleavephoto
X (formerly Twitter) @dgleavephoto

Photo credit: David Gleave




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