Copper Horses by Chris Harrison is a new exhibition reflecting on identity, class, British industry and the photographer's relationship with his dad.

When Chris was a boy he believed his dad was a deep-sea diver who had adventures every day. In reality his dad worked in a factory as a precision engineer.

By the time Chris had grown up he realised his dad wasn't an adventurer. Instead, like many others, he worked hard to provide for his family in a difficult, skilled and often underappreciated job.

Lately, Chris has been thinking about his relationship with his dad and how it has changed over the years. He wants to "instil a feeling of pride in the skill and creativity of ordinary people and in what they do for a living". This exhibition is the result.

The exhibition marks the end of Chris's tenure as the 16th Bradford Fellow. Established in 1985, the Fellowship is a partnership between this Museum, Bradford College and the University of Bradford.

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