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Deliberately informal, The Social includes presentations by photography/arts professionals, offering tips on chosen themes and encourages participants to join the conversation and share their own insights.

Artist Talk with Marc Wilson at Impressions Gallery

27 January 2024, 14:00 to 15:00
A autumn woodland scene with steps leading up to a lampost, lots of leave on the ground

Travel through the exhibition A Wounded Landscape alongside photographer Marc Wilson to find out more about what inspired his work. 

Redeye’s Helena Lee has been working with the Carbon Literacy Project to put together a course for photographers to gain accreditation as a Climate Aware Photographer. We believe this course is the first of its kind and it is open to photographers of any genre, experience and background. It's a space for you to learn more about the effects of climate change worldwide, consider your impact on the environment and discuss ways to commit to reducing your carbon footprint within your photographic work and your lifestyle.
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