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PushPull Photography Screening Event

PushPull is a monthly photography screening and social event that takes place in Sheffield for photographers, curators and anybody with an interest in photography to meet up and look at and talk about interesting work. PushPull welcomes submissions of slideshows approximately 5 minutes long, ideally with a sound element to accompany them.

PushPull is organised and hosted by photographers Jessa Fairbrother and Andrew Conroy. Jessa has a studio at S1 Artspace. Andrew is the current Photographer in Residence at Bank Street Arts.

Celebrate trees with a photographic competition

Naturally Curious are hosting a photographic competition all about celebrating trees. Don Stenhouse, Collections Access Officer (Museums) will be helping to judge the competition. The photo can be an image of a single tree, or of a forest. Your image might be the tree you always sit by at lunch, or a tree that you like the shape of, or is very old. The image should be a tree that means something to you, even if thousands of other people see it every day. When you submit your image, you must state why you chose your tree in no more than 40 words.

International Imsages for Science Exhibition

I have just finished curating The International Images for Science Exhibition for The Royal Photographic Society which opened last Friday at the RPS, Fenton House in Bath. Please see the link below or go to the RPS website for full details. May be you use this on your website. We also have a Touring Exhibition and are looking for suitable gallery venues.

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Auditorium and selected works: Sophy Rickett

Auditorium and selected works: Sophy Rickett

Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery, London
7th July to 27th August 2011

Exhibition: Gaskell House

An exhibition by Simon Jones: Dotted around the rooms of Gaskell House, the home of the writer Elizabeth Gaskell, a series of images can be found that reveal glimpses of what could be described as “the building’s memory”. Fragments of narratives, buildings and past inhabitants and visitors can be seen to emerge from under the floorboards and skirting boards. The images are not in any particular order, nor are they any kind of bold statement. They are a rather more quite reminder from the house of what it has taken part in.

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