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lines lighting up through an image representing AI
9 October 2023, 10:00 to 10 October 2023, 17:15

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been part of photographic production for several years but the easy availability of generative AI has prompted concerns about AI’s impact on photography, as well as an interest in new ways of creating images in equal measure, notwithstanding ethical and legal issues. With this two-day conference the RPS presents a series of eighteen international speakers - all specialists, academics or creatives - and four keynote presentations that will discuss the impact and opportunities of AI for photography, as well technical, legal and philosophical issues.

18 January 2020 to 22 March 2020

Amak Mahmoodian’s Zanjir (Translation: “chain”) presents a body of photographs that cross great distances – reaching through history to bring the earliest images of Iranian photography into the present, across oceans to invite Mahmoodian’s family and friends; and across the border between life and death.

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