Richard & Famous

Richard Simpkin and Simone Lueck

Curated by Martin Parr, Richard & Famous, showcases work by photographers Richard Simpkin and Simone Lueck.

The exhibition features an extraordinary collection of images from the personal project of Australian photographer and star-hunter Richard Simpkin, examining our ever-evolving celebrity culture and raising questions about identity, social boundaries and the passage of time.

His meticulously collected images chart the fashions and faces of countless stars from the worlds of music, film, sports and politics: From Audrey Hepburn to Michael Jackson, the Dalai Lama to Nelson Mandela.

The exhibition also includes the work of LA-based photographer Simone Lueck who, for her project The Once and Future Queens, posted an advert on the website Craigslist, inviting older women to pose for her in the guise of their favourite film star. Each participant did her own hair, makeup and wardrobe, working closely with Lueck on the staging of her portrait.

Alongside this exhibition is an archive exhibition, Painted Photographs, featuring celebrity photographs from the personal collection of Martin Parr.

A breakfast talk with the artists and guest curator takes place on 13 January 2012. Booking essential.

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